Business case


The Coca-Cola Company is a total beverage company, offering over 500 brands in more than 200 countries and territories

+70000 employees

Sector: Food & Beverages

Business case category: Executive Quest

"Involve and engage 25 young people to design and present in only 4 days five innovative and real proposals to change a whole country. It was the goal of Coca-Cola and without Wakigami & The Hero Plan it just wouldn't be possible."

Beatriz Osuna
Brand PR Senior Manager

Executive Quest

25 young people, 65 hour and 5 challenges to change the future of Spain


  • NEW BUSINESS MODELS: How could young people improve the small and medium company competitiveness in the new business models era?
  • CLIMATIC CHANGE: How could we boost the transformation and sustainability of the cities taking the most of the Industry 4.0?
  • EDUCATION: How could we adapt the high education to face the digital revolution?
  • POLITICS: How could we raise awareness and inculcate you people in making public decisions?
  • EQUALITY AND SOCIAL INCLUSION: How could we stimulate the social inclusion not using positive discrimination methods?


  • One proposal to satisfy every challenge proposed designed in a record time.
  • Discover the proposals (Spanish)