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The Aragon Technologic Institute is specialised in R&D&i promotion but applied to companies. It depends on de Innovation and Industry Department of the Aragon Department. It is one of the most important agents in productivity and competitiveness.

200-500 employees

Sector: Government

Business case category: Business Quest

Business Quest

Change your career using lean methodologies


Four editions and more than eighty fighters are the big numbers behind this programme. A programme that boost employability changing professional careers using lean methodologies. These were the main challenges:
  • Boost employability changing personal and professional career and developing competences in lean methodologies.
  • Learn by doing The Hero Plan method and tools among other lean methodologies.
  • Design full proposals to challenges proposed by true companies from different sectors.
  • Mentor fighters supporting them during the practices.
  • Public presentation of the proposals to the managers of the companies.
  • Develop a personal action plan for every fighter.
This programme is performed by several strategy and business model professionals who collaborate introducing different methodologies and skills.


  • Competences developed: lean strategy, neuromarketing, innovation, business models, teamwork, change management and public speaking.
  • All the teams where able to analyse the problems and needs related to the challenges proposed by companies, applying the new skills and designing proposals to solve those needs.
  • The proposals were introduced to companies through some deliverables: action plan, test reports to validate proposals in short term and with a minimum investment.
  • Most of the fighters improve their employability finding a new job or creating a new company.