Business case

SIMPLY Auchan Group

Simply, part of the Auchan Group, has 132 supermarkets and hipermarkets and 15 gas stations under the brands Simply City, Simply Market, HiperSimply, Simply Store. A new innovative retail service focused on a younger and trendy customer where low prices, quality and modernity join together.

5000-10000 employees

Sector: Retail

Business case category: Shaking sessionWorkshop inCompany

"A quest with great impact to develop innovation competences and trully work on several business areas using The Hero Plan."

Patricia Saboya
Communication Manager
SIMPLY Auchan Group

Shaking session

Workshop inCompany

Collaborative innovation during the Creative day


  • Develop two strategic projects for the company, focusing on getting grounded results that could be applied in the short term:
    • Gamified selling process.
    • Simply mobile application.
  • Create a lean and innovative culture of change inside the company.
  • Demonstrate that it is possible to work in a collaborative and lean way so fast.


Before the shaking session, the main 17 managers of the company participated in a full two days The Hero Plan workshop to learn by doing the methodology.

The acquired competences allowed them to lead the work of every team during the shaking session.

  • Fighters were distributed in groups composed by member of different areas. Every group had a challenge.
  • Every team was guided by a mentor. They applied The Hero Plan, gamification and other design thinking tools to develop the proposals to fight against the challenges..
  • All the proposals were introduced and shared between all the teams facilitating the collaboration.