Business case

Ambar Beers

La Zaragozana Group is composed by several production and distribution companies. Ambar is the most important one after more than a hundred years producing a full set of beers. Nowadays it is one of the most important distribution companies in Spain.

500-1000 employees

Sector: Retail

Business case category: Executive QuestWorkshop inCompany

"The Hero Plan contains all the tools to design grounded plans and challenge your proposals using gamification again and again. I recommend it for teams of all levels."

Javier Aylagas
Project Marketing Manager
Ambar Beers

Executive Quest

Workshop inCompany

Strategy to spread the brand globally


  • Facilitate the collaboration between different areas to design marketing campaigns using neuromarketing and the power of The Hero Plan emotional triggers.
  • Learn by doing. Analyse multi sector campaigns using neuromarketing and The Hero Plan.
  • Design the strategy to spread the company in the whole country applying the new method and tools learnt.


  • Competences developed: lean strategy, neuromarketing, gamification, teamwork, public speaking.
  • Design the actions to spread the brand in the whole country using The Hero Plan.
  • They were able to compare the action plan designed with The Hero Plan and the designed one they got applying tradicional methods.