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Ash Maurya

Prologued by the “Running Lean” author and Lean Canvas creator.

304 pages

With an amazing design and full colour illustrations.

+80 examples

Case stories of success and failure.

+200 QR Codes

Full access to videos and extra content.

A guide for the real battle

The Hero Plan is a guide for your battle to find the killer strategy, a strategy that is focused, different and memorable

A gamified, lean adventure that uses a Battle Board and a story with Heroes and Villains to guide you step by step all the way to the end design of a legendary proposal.

A goal you can only achieve by practical and real application of effective neuromarketing techniques.

Are you ready to fight?

Founder Institute

Focus Focus Focus!
Focus on a memorable difference that matters to your customers.

Ash Maurya
Running Lean

Awesome engagement!
Gamification to design strategy and business models. Awesome!

Sergio Jiménez
Aiwin, Mastering the art of gamification

Lean Strategy and Gamification.
The Hero Plan, a systematic and gamified lean method to design your strategy.

Alex Ostwerwalder

Daniel Vecino
The Hero Plan

Daniel Vecino | The author

Daniel Vecino is an international expert in lean strategy, business models, innovation and neuromarketing.

Author and creator of “The Hero Plan” and “The Fighting Company”.

Founder of Wakigami, the company that facilitates the boost and lead of organizations that evolve, innovate and differentiate themselves with agility by continuously overcoming business challenges

Until 2019:

  • 6 companies founded: mobile technologies, mobile payments, strategy, marketing and communications.
  • +400 distinctive staging events all over the world.
  • +20 countries in last years

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Third edition in paperback sold-out!
Available for iPad, Kindle and multidevice PDF.
Get it for a limited time for free with “The Fighting Box”.