AGOS Ducato
Jul 2017
Sep 2017

AGOS Innovation Programme

AGOS is leading consumer credit company belonging to Credit Agricole Group.

After the merging with Ducato, Agos is now first Italian operator of family consumer credit.

Most important products are: credit cards, personal loans, leasing and assurance services.

Recently AGOS has open an Internal Innovation lab to to increase the market presence and to innovate with new products and services the consumer credit market.

As a consequence, WAKIGAMI presents a customized collaborative innovation programme to be scheduled on eight (8) weeks time, built on three main pillars:

  1. Turn your ideas into true, viable and sustainable proposals.
  2. Facilitate the active collaboration of the whole organization setting a common language.
  3. Measure the success or failure of the proposals using empirical data.

We will fight together through a programme based on The Hero Plan, a gamified and lean journey to design and validate killer proposals.

A learning by doing methodology and tools aimed at making you and your company into true fighters speciallized in lean strategy, business models and neuromarketing.

AGOS Headoffices
Milano, Italy


Phone: +39 327 2616928


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