Lean Startup Circle Barcelona
Sep 2017

Neuromarketing and Lean Startup: how to design a memorable proposal in a gamified lean way

Memorable is being able to generate actions and experiences which use emotions to engrave an indelible mark on your customers, a footprint that is fully aligned with your proposal, capable of turning you into a hero, a legend.

It is certainly an ambitious goal, not one that lacks brave illusionists, that can trigger the misnamed and non existent “memory button” or even the “purchase button” without explaining how or why.

In this case, thanks to the simplicity of The Hero Plan and the powerful ground base of recent findings by neuroscientists, you will be able to design in a lean way an action plan packed with adventure and memorable experiences, while at the same time you find answers to the following questions:

  • Why do emotions help us to become memorable and remain in people’s minds?
  • What factors influence our customers as they make their decision to purchase?
  • How can you systematically design proposals that are more likely to be remembered or selected compared to those of your competitors?

The conference will be performed in English by Daniel Vecino, The Hero Plan author.

Mobile World Centre
Carrer de Fontanella, 2
Barcelona, 08002 Spain
Phone : +34 933 01 04 00


Lean Startup Circle Barcelona

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