Business case


Agos, part of Credit Agricole Group, is leader in Italy in consumer credit services.

1000-5000 employees

Sector: Banking

Business case category: Business Quest

"Thanks to this quest our team have jumped to the next level. Wakigami is really a facilitator to boost business."

Sergio Rossi
Chief Digital Transformation Officer

"The Wakigami Quest is a really intensive and full of magic experience. We are all fully engaged and Focus Focus Focus! Just great!"

Alessio Vasselli
Analista Reporting

"The Wakigami Quest for Agos engage our people managing to create and amazing value for them and the whole company. With The Hero Plan new heroes appear in our company."

Paola Sangregorio
Marketing Innovation Manager

Business Quest

5 challenges, 25 fighters & 8 weeks to boost the company


  • Boost the company developing a Fighting culture based on lean innovation, change anticipation and focus on customer and on results.
  • Design and validation of 5 proposals to overcome 5 challenges aligned with the goals and strategy of the company:
    • Solve all issues of the branch agent, especially in the case of questions received from customers to whom it should provide a short response to avoid customer unhappiness and stress from the operator.
    • Improve the exchange of information and the answer of questions in a timely manner between different roles and responsibilities in the company.
    • Facilitate a direct and more precise interaction and information exchange with other directions, handling more structured causes, ABF appeals and other activities.
    • Keep interest of learning and self-improving alive.
    • Detect the presence of branches and Agos people.


  • Competences development: lean strategy, neuromarketing, innovation, business models, teamwork, change management and public speaking.
  • Design proposals and validate them trough true customers following The Hero Plan method.
  • One of the teams modify his project in week number 6 after validating with true customers that the designed proposal was not valid. In 2 weeks they were able to modify the proposal, design a new one and validate it again.
  • The Innovation Board selected three proposals. They were executed properly by other specialised team.
  • The board evaluate all the proposals in a great positive way, specially because it was the first time that they received proposals supported by measurable numbers from true customers.
This programme was executed side by side with FortyTwo42.