Hero Master Professional Certification

Become a The Hero Plan Certified Professional and you will be able to boost organisations to innovate and differentiate overcoming business challenges in a lean and continuous way.
MADRID 2, 3, 4 y 5 Sept 2019
MILANO 9, 10, 11 y 12 Sept 2019
MONTERREY 4, 5, 6, 9 Nov 2019
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Video testimonies

Discover the experience through some of our last fighters.
  • Coca Cola
  • AGOS Ducato
    AGOS Ducato
  • Liberty Seguros
    Liberty Seguros
  • Mapfre
  • SIMPLY Auchan
    SIMPLY Auchan
  • Ambar
  • Salesforce


Differentiate a company, innovate creating new products or services, multiply the scalability of a business model, improve the efficiency of a process, anticipate to customers challenges, maximise employee experience…

With Wakigami and El Plan del Héroe you will be able to facilitate the overcoming of any challenge in a record time.


How to boost and lead an organisation that evolve, innovate and differentiate in a lean way overcoming business challenges continuously.

  • Discover the triggers and rewards that boost a Fighting Company.
  • Meet the organisational structure and roles of a Fighting Company.
  • Learn how to lead challenges without impacting the actual company structure, activity and processes.


How to overcome business challenges in a record time.

  • Enjoy the journey to discover, prioritise, attack and overcome a challenge in a lean, efficient and systematic way.
  • Learn how to establish a simple, accessible and common language to facilitate collaboration between people with different skills, habilites and experience.
  • Discover the keys of a proposal in order to successfully overcome a business challenge.


How to deal with the overcoming of business challenges as a facilitator and a consultant.

  • Learn how to successfully overcome extreme uncertainty situations hacking our method and tools.
  • Learn how to facilitate the overcoming of own and third party challenges.
  • Learn how to fight for challenges as a consultant.
  • Discover and internalise the culture that defines and differentiate a Hero Master.

MADRID 2, 3, 4 y 5 Sept 2019
MILANO 9, 10, 11 y 12 Sept 2019
MONTERREY 4, 5, 6, 9 Nov 2019 (contact for details)


How to discover and choose the right challenges, people and teams for the battle.

  • Learn how to discover, describe and prioritise challenges from the real world.
  • Learn how to choose the right people for every team in order to fight for a challenge in a collaborative way.


How to design and test the focus, different, memorable and viable proposals to overcome a business challenge.

  • Learn how to choose the right customer and detect the true needs.
  • How to work differentiation systematically.
  • Design memorable actions using neuromarketing based techniques to allow a proposal to be remembered and chosen by customers.
  • Build the viable business model of a proposal.
  • Learn how to multiply the impact and scalability of a business model.
  • Discover how to test proposals with true customers minimising time and money.


How to present a proposal to overcome a business challenge.

  • Learn how to get measurable, tangible and true information from a proposal.
  • Learn how to present the results of overcoming a business challenge in an effective, different and memorable way.
  • Discover how to create and spread the Fighting Company culture.



You will have a Hero Master profile inside to include in your LinkedIn page and other social networks with your certificate, points and completed achievements.


You will be up to date through our private channel for Hero Masters in our space in Slack and the private monthly meetings where:

  • We share use, success and failure cases.
  • We improve our processes and tools.
  • We meet worldwide professionals and challenges.

MADRID 2, 3, 4 y 5 Sept 2019
MILANO 9, 10, 11 y 12 Sept 2019
MONTERREY 4, 5, 6, 9 Nov 2019 (contact for details)


You will have access to exclusive contents and resources:

  • The online challenge platform.
  • The “Master at your side” guides collection.
  • Keynotes and videos.
  • The Hero Plan Virtual Kit and high resolution boards.
  • Templates and commercial proposals.


You will earn up to 20% fee in commercial projects for third parties executed by Wakigami.


You will be able to use our materials, resources and challenge platform in a commercial way with third parties (Master level required). (Terms and conditions)

The Wakigami Innovation Programme for Agos Ducato engage our people managing to create and amazing value for them and the whole company. With The Hero Plan new heroes appear in our company.

Paola Sangregorio
Marketing Innovation Manager

The Hero Plan is the methodology which helped us to analyse our internal and external processes, creating a collaborative dialogue between all the members of the company. Useful, disruptive and extremely funny!

Juan Antonio Garrido
CEO B|Braun Vetcare

Involve and engage 25 young people to design and present in only four days five innovative and real proposals to change a whole country. It was the goal of Coca-Cola & GeneradorES and without Wakigami & The Hero Plan it just wouldn't be possible.

Beatriz Osuna
Brand PR Senior Manager Coca-Cola

Contents and Technical sheet


  • BIG&Fast! An extreme uncertainty battle field.
  • The robust company paradox.
  • The Fighting Company: triggers and rewards.
  • Our World and The Fighting Territory.
  • Roles for the battle.


  • The Hero Plan: the journey and tools to overcome business challenges in a record time.
  • The Grail: DNA and keys to spot a winning proposal.
  • The great challenge in twelve steps.
  • The toolkit for the battle.



How to constantly discover and register potential challenges using The Hero Plan Challenge Board.

  • What is a challenge and how to describe it.
  • Key characteristics of a right channel.


How to prioritise and choose the challenge to fight for in a systematic and quantitative way using The Hero Plan Challenge Board and Hero Challenge Fit.

  • How to define the skills, habilites and resources needed to overcome a challenge.
  • How to make a Fighting Team: members and roles.
  • How to calculate and evaluate the Hero Challenge Fit.



How to choose a customer and define the mission goals using The Hero Plan Mission Board.

  • How to choose a customer when the classic segmentation is not enough.
  • How to analyse the context and situation of a customer.
  • How to discover what your customer needs: desires and causes beyond “The 5 whys” of Toyota and The Lean Method.
  • How to describe the mission goals: discovering our purpose beyond “exponential organisations MTP” by Salim Ismail and “the golden circle” by Simon Sinek.


How to work differentiation using The Hero Plan Battle Board.

  • How to design a differential action plan learning through the battle.
  • Fighting techniques for the battle: from Sun Tzu to Alejandro Magno.
  • How to choose the right villain depending on what do you want to learn.
  • How to build a 60 seconds elevator pitch using The Hero Pitch.
  • How to evaluate and improve systematically a differential plan.

How to design a memorable proposal to be remembered and chosen using The Hero Plan Memorable Report.

  • Neuromarketing and the science behind being memorable.
  • Somatic markers.
  • The Hero Plan inverted pyramid of true needs.
  • The Hero Plan emotional triggers.

How to design a viable business model using The Hero Plan Gamified Business Model Canvas.

  • How to complete The Gamified Business Model Canvas.
  • How to evaluate if your business model is viable using the break even point.
  • Conversion rules between The Hero Plan tools and Business Model and Lean Canvas.

How to multiply the efficiency and scalability of your business model using The Hero Plan Impact Triggers:

  • Recurrence.
  • Resources and staff on demand.
  • Channels and customer relationship virtualisation.
  • Value generators.
  • Activities automation.


How to test and validate your proposal in a lean way using The Hero Plan Action Board and Test Reports.

  • Gamifying The Lean Startup Method and The Buid-Measure-Learn Cycle by Eric Ries.
  • How to get the assumptions that compose a proposal.
  • How to choose the right method to test and the right success criteria.
  • How to define the minimum resources to test: Minimum Viable Product vs Pilot and prototype.
  • How to register the execution results of tests.
  • How to manage status of every test.
  • How to do when an assumption is false.


  • How to translate what we learned to the language of the “wise men and women of our world”: true metrics for true managers.
  • How to present the proposal to overcome a business challenge in a focus, different and memorable way.
  • How to do if the proposal is approved or rejected.



  • How to facilitate the overcoming of own and third parties challenges.
  • How to overcome challenges as a consultant.
  • The Hero Master culture.


How to anticipate to the unknown using The Hero Plan Master Battles.

  • Bounded but alive.
  • Amnesia.
  • Alone in the dark.
  • Save the innocent in danger or die.
  • Dark Hero.

How to fight if I don’t know who is the customer.

  • Angel & Demon Battle.
  • Effectuation and bird in hand using The Hero Plan Challenge Board.

How to fight if the proposal already exists and even is released.

  • A lean due-diligence using the Gamified Business Model Canvas.


  • Super battle: fighting for a business challenge from the beginning to the end.
  • Level test.
  • Final retrospective.


  • 3.450 € (taxes not included)

    The amount could be subsidised by Fundación Tripartita (only for Spanish companies).

  • Maximum 9 fighters per public call.
  • Contact us for in company calls.
  • 1 access to the Hero Master Certification Programme.
  • 1 opportunities to complete the level test.
  • Materials and resources.
  • Coffee and meals.


MADRID 2, 3, 4 y 5 Sept 2019
MILANO 9, 10, 11 y 12 Sept 2019
MONTERREY 4, 5, 6, 9 Nov 2019 (contact for details)


The Hero Plan creator and author

Key themes

  • The Hero Plan.
  • The Fighting Company.
  • Lean Strategy.
  • Innovation.
  • Business model.
  • Neuromarketing.
  • Lean Startup.
  • Agile.
  • Exponential Organisations.
  • Challenge Based Management.
  • Challenge Based Venture.
  • Challenge Based Learning.
  • Business transformation.
  • Gamification.

Activity format

  • Candidates will work in teams composed by 3-5 fighters.
  • Learning by doing.
  • All the examples and cases used during the certifications are from true companies that have worked with The Hero Plan.


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Become a The Hero Plan Certified Professional
with Wakigami
MADRID 2, 3, 4 y 5 Sept 2019
MILANO 9, 10, 11 y 12 Sept 2019
MONTERREY 4, 5, 6, 9 Nov 2019
(contact for details)

Terms and conditions

Certification process

In order to achieve your Hero Master certification you will have to:

  • Actively participate during 90% of the certification process or more.
  • Pass a level test with 70% of right answers or more.

In order to achieve your Master certification and execute commercial actions for third parties you will have to:

  • Have the Hero Master professional certification active.
  • Achieve 100 points or more.
  • Develop a no less than one day activity as a facilitator for a third party and achieve 80 NPS points or more in the evaluation of the activity and your performance as facilitator.
  • Superar la revisión de la acción vía grabación o por presencia física de un evaluador cualificado.


Tu certificación se regirá por un programa de puntos tanto si eres Hero Master como Master. You will be able to achieve points through any of these actions:

  • 50-100 points: facilitate workshops and challenges or actions as a consultant (only available for Masters).
  • 25-75 points: sell products and services to third parties in order to be executed by Wakigami.
  • 25-50 points: perform evangelisation actions about The Hero Plan and The Fighting Comany: events, keynotes, blog posts…
  • 25-50 points: participate in specialisation workshops about The Hero Plan and The Fighting Company model.
  • 25-50 points: participate in third party events with related themes.
  • 30 points: link your professional certified profile in LinkedIn and other social networks.
  • 25 points: introduce success and failure cases.
  • 20 points: participate in monthly Hero Master and Master meetings.


  • La certificación será válida durante 1 año.
  • La renovación anual como Hero Master exige haber sumado 150 puntos o más durante el periodo anterior.
  • La renovación anual como Master exige ejecutar para un tercero y con fines comerciales al menos una actividad de un día de duración, obtener una valoración NPS de 80 puntos o más y disponer de 250 puntos o más durante el periodo anterior.
  • No existe coste de renovación en caso de superar los criterios anteriores.


  • Un Hero Master o Master podrá recibir de Wakigami una señalización comercial de hasta el 20% del importe facturado por Wakigami cuando Wakigami participe en la ejecución total o parcial de una actividad con fines comerciales para un tercero cerrada por dicho profesional certificado. Las tarifas aplicadas para los servicios ejecutados por Wakigami serán definidas exclusivamente por Wakigami.
  • Un Master podrá impartir con fines comerciales a terceros los talleres y programas de innovación definidos por Wakigami a cambio de un importe por actividad que variará en función del alcance y del país de ejecución y no siendo este superior al 20% del importe facturado a dicho tercero. Ello facilitará que el Master pueda acceder a los recursos (, slack…) y materiales necesarios para la ejecución de dichas actividades (dossier comercial, presentaciones, kit virtual, guías…).
  • Un Master podrá determinar libremente su política de precios a partir de las recomendaciones realizadas por Wakigami para las actividades comerciales con terceros ejecutadas por dicho profesional.
  • Un Hero Master o Master no podrá modificar ni distribuir (con o sin coste) los materiales protegidos con copyright (metodología, libro, guías, kit virtual, presentaciones, plantillas, talleres, programas de innovación…) sin autorización del propietario de los mismos.


La certificación se emite a nivel personal. No existen certificaciones asociadas a empresas. 

Wakigami deberá ser informada de las actividades organizadas por cualquier profesional certificado, pudiendo participar como invitado en cualquiera de ellas.

Wakigami solicitará acceso puntual a los clientes que participen en actividades formativas y divulgativas organizadas por un Master, exclusivamente con el fin de evaluar el desarrollo de dicha actividad y el rendimiento del profesional.

El no cumplimiento de cualquiera de las condiciones anteriores supondrá la revisión de los privilegios asociados a la certificación.

Cualquiera de las condiciones generales especificadas anteriormente podrá ser modificada por parte de Wakigami previo aviso a todos los profesionales certificados.

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MADRID 2, 3, 4 y 5 Sept 2019
MILANO 9, 10, 11 y 12 Sept 2019
MONTERREY 4, 5, 6, 9 Nov 2019
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