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Barcelo Hotel Group

Barceló Hotel Group, the hotel division of the Barceló Group, is the 3rd hotel chain in Spain and the 29th largest in the world. It currently has more than 245 4 and 5 star urban and holiday hotels, and more than 54,000 rooms, distributed in 22 countries and marketed under 4 brands: Royal Hideaway, Barceló, Occidental and Allegro

+30.000 employees

Sector: Hospitality & Travels

Business case category: Executive QuestWorkshop inCompany

Executive Quest

Workshop inCompany

40 fighters & 10 Hero Masters ready to overcome any business challenge in a lean way


  • Resolve challenges aligned with your strategy in a systematic way, landing ideas into viable proposals focused on customer needs and investing less time and money.
  • Get measurable and tangible results in the language that the company understands, allowing the evaluation of the impact of the new shaking culture and the new proposals.
  • Facilitate a non intrusive organisation model respecting the actual structure and processes, eliminating the collision points and the natural reluctance to change of the company.
  • Improve the collaboration and engagement of all the business areas of the company using an accesible method and language able to adapt to the needs of every member.
  • Reduce the risk and entry barriers following an scalable model that could be embedded step by step depending on the results.
  • Create and spread an innovative continuous shaking culture.


  • Upgrade the professional competences of 40 fighters: lean strategy, neuromarketing, innovation and business models with The Hero Plan.
  • Certificate 10 Hero Masters able to facilitate by themselves the overcoming of any business challenges using the collaborative innovation model offered by Wakigami & The Hero Plan ("The Battle for the Grail").
  • Set the Managing Directors of every department as "Guardians" in order to search, define and choose challenges and to act as facilitators of the innovation programmes.
  • Overcome the first business challenge by the Hero Masters focused on company & employees happiness.
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